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One Way (Heavy) Privacy Security Door


One Way (Heavy) Privacy Security Door

One-way mesh (D.V.A diminished vision aluminum) as it sound this option will limit the visibility into your home while maintaining the view out and allowing you to see outside but not inside. Its miracle by having thousands of tiny downward facing holes punched into a fine flat sheet of aluminum.

- Restricted vision for privacy with airflow and ventilation
- Insect and vermin resistant
- Strong & Durable
- Varieties of Colors Available
- Australian Made & Design
- Resistant to damage caused by household pets
- Easy to clean and maintain – corrosion resistant
- Affordable security door system
- Follow Australian Standards AS 5039
- Project and Design for Security Hinge & Sliding Doors, Security Side Door Panel, Window Security Screens, Patio Enclosures, Privacy and Sun Screen Area for Residential and Commercial Property

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