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Diamond Grill Security Door

Diamond Grill with Light Privacy Mesh

Light Privacy Mesh

Light DVA known as privacy mesh or one way mesh, it’s provide limited visibility from outside and available in various colours.

–  Restricted vision for privacy with airflow and ventilation
–  Insect and vermin resistant
–  Varieties of Colors Available
–  Australian Made & Design
–  Resistant to damage caused by household pets
–  Affordable security door system
–  Project and Design for Security Hinge & Sliding Doors, Window Security Screens, Patio Enclosures, Privacy and Sun Screen Area for Residential and Commercial Property

Diamond Grill with Light Stainless Mesh

Light Stainless Steel Mesh

Stronger and durable than the other Fly Screen Mesh, Corrosion resistant.
–    Screening windows and doors in bushfire-prone or coastal areas
– Increased durability of corrosion resistant
–    Super strong stainless steel wire
–    Fine wire for impressive visibility and airflow

Diamond Grill with Light Aluminium Mesh

Diamond Grill With Light Aluminium Mesh

Aluminium Mesh is well known for its durabity and meets the requirements for Aluminium screening.

–  Powder coated in charcoal finish to minimizes glare.
– Screening windows and doors where extra strength is required
-Extra strength aluminium material
-Excellent visibility and airflow through the screen
–  Powder coated aluminum

Diamond Grill with Petmesh

Diamond Grill With Pet Mesh

Pet mesh is basically fiberglass mesh with the added strength of PVC coating making it 20 times stronger than the standard fiberglass mesh! The ideal option for pet owners and high traffic areas.
– Will not rust or corrode
– UV stabilized for long life
– Flexible and pliable

Diamond Grill with Fiberglass Flyscreen Mesh

Diamond Grill with Fiberglass Flyscreen Mesh

Ideal for low traffic areas or internally fitted screens the PVC coated fiberglass mesh comes as standard for all doors and windows. If kids, pets, or obtaining a bushfire rating are none of your concerns it will definitely do the job of keeping the bugs out in the most economical way.

– Flexible and pliable
– UV stabilized for long life
– Economical
– High visibility through the screen